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Modern Tradeshow Intelligence

3 Quick Ways to Help Facilitate Connections at your Shows

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Jul 10, 2012 2:49:24 PM

Don’t prevent business from getting done.

The pace of business has never been faster. Improve communication and make it easy for exhibitors to make sales.

  1. Show managers, create some quick exhibitor education videos – No need to get fancy. Use your smartphone, quality doesn’t really matter. Videos ENGAGE and extend the life of your show for all participants. Videos remain a digital asset long after your show is over.

  2. Can’t stress this enough. Provide your attendees with plenty of charging stations and adequate areas to plug in. You want your event participants to be able to get on the web, talk about your show, and most importantly - take action on business deals.

  3. On this point – providing free Wi-Fi hotspots will improve networking capability. Don’t penalize show participants for being inside a conference hall – they need to conduct business as usual.

Some people think technology makes trade show connections tougher. We disagree, it improves it tremendously. No you can set up a meeting, send an invoice, send a proposal and take payments all from the trade show floor with your smartphone.

Technology can help improve the life of those that manage tradeshows. It can also help with the top concerns faced by planners: improve attendance, improve connections, increase floor traffic and save money. Technology will help you market your event more effectively and ease into using social media at your conference.

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