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5 Innovative Ways To Be Remembered At Your Next Tradeshow

Posted by joannamariestasuk on Jan 26, 2012 12:04:20 PM

1. Tell a Story- From the time we were little kids we learned through the stories we were told. Nothing has changed. Share with your attendees a story that illustrates how and why your company can make a difference. You are now showing, rather than telling. Some call this is a “case study”. I call it a story. We all love stories.


2. Show Credibility- Be the person others turn to for newest and effective business tips. You become the trusted source to whom people turn to learn about critical information. People will want to buy from a company they know is highly credible and an expert in its field. This will generate buzz about your company.

3. Keep it Simple- Walter Isaacson’s biography, “Steve Jobs”, notes Jobs constant recognition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s words, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Bombarding attendees with an overload of information about your product or service will provoke disengagement. Think back to when you were in school. When a teacher or professor taught a class, she would break the overall subject into various sub- divisions. From there you would focus on one theme at a time. This is true with exhibits. Focus on one main theme and then work your entire presentation around it. This will be more inviting and far less intimidating for attendees. It makes things simple, clear and to the point, and in turn helps you sell more. Focus on only a couple products or services and discuss 3 main points.

4. Create an Experiential Brand Experience- Provide demos and allow attendees to share an experience with your brand. People will be more inclined to remember an experience rather than a sales pitch. Put your products in the hands of potential customers. If selling a service, provide demos. This may be an obvious suggestion, but for some reason, many overlook it. Interact with your attendees and give them a reason to not want, but need what you are offering.

5. Have Fun- Tradeshows are all about face- to- face interaction and networking with existing customers, prospective customers and important industry leaders. Be proactive and attentive to the people with whom you speak. Transmit a fun, energetic vibe that will attract others to your booth. Educate people by sharing with them how your product or service will make their life that much easier and business that much more successful. Tradeshows enable you to check out the latest trends buzzing in your industry. This demonstrates that you are an innovative company and ultimately a credible source.

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