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Bartizan Presents a Free Webinar: Secrets to Help Attendees and Exhibitors Stay Connected after the Show

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Jan 5, 2011 2:38:18 PM

Bartizan Connects today announced details of an upcoming webinar, “Secrets to Help Attendees and Exhibitors Stay Connected after the Show,” a 10 minute lunchtime session. This webinar is part of Bartizan's Monthly Free Webinar Thought Leadership Series for members of the trade show industry.

The live webinar is hosted by Bartizan’s president, Lew Hoff. Post webinar, attendees will also receive the informative slides from the day’s educational session. For more information about this webinar or to register, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/TradeshowWebinar

Bartizan recently surveyed trade show attendees across a range of industries and show profiles. The focus of the survey was to determine how they view the show experience and how they deal with what they’ve learned from the show when they return home. The methodology used for gathering this research was a series of online focus groups used to solicit attitudes and opinions regarding trade show industry experiences from the unique perspectives of trade show attendees.

Bartizan thought the data was worth sharing with customers. It is expected that it will not apply to everyone. But its expected that it will apply to many tradeshow participants. In a landscape where show attendance is at risk, delivering this kind of added value for everyone may be good territory to explore.

When Bartizan analyzed what was learned from the interactions with attendees in the context of similar interactions with exhibitors and organizers, it was noted how ineffective post-show interaction was between attendees and exhibitors.

If broader marketplace visibility plays a role in show strategy, then how visitors are handles who aren’t active sales opportunities becomes important. During this webinar we pinpoint where we see exhibitors lose that visibility with the broader marketplace. And we suggest a general approach to solving it that some might find worth pursuing.

The 10-minute session is jam-packed with takeaways. Specifically we focus on:

1. A profile of the “curious” Attendee.

2. The breakdown of the connection between Exhibitors and those Attendees.

3. The problem that breakdown causes.

4. The collaboration between Exhibitors and Organizers that can repair that connection.

The session details:
Secrets to Help Attendees and Exhibitors Stay Connected after the Show

  • Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011
  • Time: 12:00 PM - 12:15 PM EDT
  • Presented by: Lew Hoff, Bartizan Lead Retrieval president
  • Cost: Free

Register here: http://tinyurl.com/TradeshowWebinar

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