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Modern Tradeshow Intelligence

Bubbles made me think…

Posted by Lew Hoff on Mar 3, 2011 3:58:13 PM

Bubbles, our nearly 12-year old Maltese, has trained me well, too well. If you are a sales manager, perhaps your sales people have trained you well. Whoa! You say that you can’t compare a sales person to a dog? You know, you’re right. Your dog will always remain loyal.

I trained Bubbles initially by rewarding her with a treat upon successful completion of her “business” when I walked her. Over time, Bubbles got wise and she performed a little jujitsu of sorts. Instead of relieving herself all at once, she has mastered the technique of doing a little at a time. Each time, she quickly turns around, dances on her hind legs and looks at me beseechingly. The message is clear: I’ve done what you trained me to do, now cough up, fella.

While I’ve been training Bubbles, she’s been training me.

If we teach sales people who staff trade show exhibits that we want leads in quantity, that’s what we will get. Later we may find it difficult to say, “I know that I said we want lots of leads, but what I really mean is that we want quality leads, preferably lots of ‘em.” In fact, if they produce lots of leads, the sales people will probably react just like Bubbles. No, they won’t dance around and plead for a treat (Gee, I sure hope not), but they may expect at least a pat on the back for generating so many leads.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to retrain Bubbles. She has a good thing going. You, on the other hand, can make it clear to your staff that the quality of leads counts more than the quantity. To identify quality, it is necessary to engage, to question, to listen and to record detailed information.

Helping our customers record detailed information is our business at Bartizan.

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