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Collect and Manage Leads Using Your Mobile

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Dec 11, 2012 12:56:04 PM

Mobile devices have become ever more prevalent in our lives. Recently, Dr. Edward Halpern the chancellor of New York Medical College, spoke at a reception for the Westchester County Association Board of Directors (of which I am a member). Dr. Halpern, a renowned physician (for a look at Dr. Halpern’s remarkable career, click here for his bio touched on the subject of advancements in medical care. He declared that one of the most important advances was something he had with him, at which point he withdrew his iPhone from his pocket. He went on to describe how smartphones have made it possible to deliver medical diagnosis by top-flight doctors for patients in rural areas. According to Dr. Halpern, mobile devices have the potential for enormous improvements, as well as savings, in the delivery of healthcare.

The following day I was at ASAE's 2012 Technology Conference. Many of the exhibitors were using Bartizan’s iLeads software. My observation was that every exhibitor I saw had a mobile phone or tablet within arm’s length. I could only wonder why nearly everyone was not using lead retrieval software in conjunction with a mobile device, rather than a dedicated lead retrieval terminal. As one exhibitor exclaimed, “This is a technology conference! Why use something as outdated as a terminal?”

Returning to Manhattan, I boarded a subway at Penn Station. Looking left and right, I saw that 25-30 percent of the riders were using a mobile device, smartphone or tablet. I transferred to cross-town bus to get home and it was the same story. At least one-quarter of the riders were reading, talking or playing games using a mobile device.

My point? (Yes, I do have one.) Mobile devices are ubiquitous. They can be used for everything from the most critical of our needs to the mundane. My wife steadfastly refuses to learn how to use a computer, but she loves her iPhone.

Is there a better way to collect and manage data than using a device that is seldom more than an arm’s length away?

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