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Companies Find Success with Guerilla Marketing

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 7, 2013 6:00:06 AM

There is little doubt that thinking outside the box can help businesses stand out during a trade show and industry event. However, exhibitors that are too strange or off-topic could simply confuse the audience and muddle their brands' image. Successful guerilla marketing campaigns not only help you steal the spotlight, but keep people talking long after an event.

Inc. reported that there are inexpensive ways to get your logo in front of people throughout a trade show. One of its top recommendations was to replace the coasters at the hotel bar with ones that have your logo on them. This would be particularly effective if it were supported with other initiatives that capture attention before attendees even reach the trade show, such as a flash mob at the airport. These steps get people thinking of your brand before they arrive at an industry event.

Central Desktop wins with bearded angels 
In his blog, John Greathouse discussed how software company Central Desktop captured attention by hiring an actor to play a cigar-smoking, bearded angel with a New York accent. Rather than relying on the clichéd "booth babes," the firm used the actor to provide a humorous and memorable display. The action worked to get attendees tweeting photos and posting comments about Central Desktop throughout the event.

Even with its unique approach to attracting people to its exhibit, Central Desktop was able to stay on message and discuss its services with potential customers. The company then quickly moved to engaging attendees with deeper conversations that nurtured relationships and contributed to sales growth.

Video helps Dollar Shave Club gain subscribers
Not every guerilla marketing tactic will be limited to the trade show itself. Businesses continue to add social media, mobile and video to their exhibits, but these tools are also helpful in generating buzz before an event. Some low-budget videos can help companies capture sales by becoming a viral sensation. This is how the Dollar Shave Club successfully got thousands of people to subscribe to its services, according to Creative Guerrilla Marketing. The company produced several videos, starring its CEO, that educated the public about its programs. The same tactic can be used to share information about a new product launch or other service unveiled at an industry trade show.

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