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Modern Tradeshow Intelligence

Download the slides: QR Codes are Everywhere Now – But is it a Fad? Or a Useful Marketing Tool?

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Oct 12, 2011 2:14:15 PM

Today's webinar was a hit. Here's a instant link to download the slides - no registration is needed.

To recap:

Summary of Best Uses at a Tradeshow:
  • Compose an email request for more info or demo sign up, Dial a phone number, Receive a Text, Link to a video demo, Sign up for newsletter, or join a loyalty program.
  • Attendees can to download, Show Guides, Session Handouts, Generate a Map
  • Exhibitors can capture attendee’s info in exchange for a free whitepaper, coupon, free trial or sample.
  • Increase your Likes on Facebook or Followers on Twitter
  • Add a vCard contact to their device
  • Launch a Meeting invitation
  • Attendees can enter their info for a Booth Prize Drawing, Take a Survey
  • Attendee to Attendee Contact Exchange
  • Electronic Ticketing

Helpful Hints:

  1. We reccomend the ScanLife app to use as a QR Scanner. There are many out there, and this is the best one we've tried.
  2. To generate your own QR Code to relay your contact information directly into someone's Smartphone. Create your own free Personalized QR Code here.

Topics: Event QR Code Usage, Show Management, Tradeshow QR Code