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Factors to Consider When Staffing Your Booth

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 15, 2013 8:20:09 AM

Getting a good return on investment from a trade show depends on a number of factors. How well you attract attendees to your booth is just part of the equation - you also have to be prepared to sell your products and service while qualifying potential leads. These conversations can contribute to the additional revenue you hope to generate at each event.

A good crew will help you achieve your goals for any trade show. Most companies understand that the people who man their booths need to be knowledgeable, energetic professionals. Exhibitor Online provides some information on what makes a bad exhibitor, but there are a number of factors that can influence the success of trade shows.

Tip: Your objective for the show should influence your staffing decisions

Before you commit to any staffing decisions, consider the goal you want to accomplish. Building brand awareness or connecting with vendors will require different personnel than promoting a new product. Be sure to position yourself for success by having the right type of staff on hand to answer questions and build the right relationship.

Staffing levels and composition should also be influenced by who is expected to be at the show. If a key competitor and big potential customer will be there, it is important to bring out "the big guns" to make you stand out. A strong showing by top employees can make a valuable impression that may be key to winning a new contract.

Tip: Consider who will be at a show before finalizing staffing decisions

The popularity of a show should also factor into your staffing decisions. Not only are more employees needed, but major events require top leadership to be present. These shows are good places to develop positive relationships with key suppliers, industry experts and more. Having the right people present during events can make it easier to build the connections needed to boost returns.

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