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Get People Talking With Active Demonstrations

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 25, 2013 1:09:26 PM

There are a lot of reasons that people attend industry conferences. Companies may be seeking new partners for an initiative or need to reach new leads, while other organizations may view the events as a great opportunity to build brand awareness among industry professionals. However, these factors are often secondary to the need to keep tabs on ongoing changes within the sector.

Trade Show News Network stated that 92 percent of attendees are looking for new products. These individuals want to see where the industry is going and how companies are addressing specific challenges. Nothing highlights these elements better than the latest prototypes being developed, which makes it essential that exhibitors have something new to offer.

Tip: Use demonstrations to capture market feedback

Conferences are an ideal place to test out potential ideas. The large gathering of potential clients allows you to collect valuable feedback on the features, pricing and even marketability of new goods. If an item doesn't test well among industry experts then you may need to adjust your approach. To really collect the most valuable insights into how people view your product, you need to be prepared to show how it works and what its advantages are over the competition.

Live demonstrations are great ways to showcase new products. However, The Associated Press noted that there is a more effective way to generate excitement. The influx of small personal devices has put prototypes into the consumer's hands, so giving attendees the opportunity to use or even wear products lets them visualize the items' uses more clearly. This has helped contribute to the buzz surrounding wearable devices within the tech industry. Google Glass and Apple's iWatch offer unique user experiences, and the best way to sell products like these is to give consumers a taste of that experience.

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