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Happy Independence Day!

Posted by Lew Hoff on Jul 2, 2010 1:05:58 PM

Too often we forget that a holiday means more than an extra day off, the occasion for a get-together with family and friends, or the opportunity to get away from it all. July Fourth, United States Independence Day, is one such meaningful holiday. Americans live in a country that is unique in many ways. There are facets of the American experience that I find profoundly unique.

We are a nation of immigrants, a melting pot. People from every corner of the globe have come to the United States in search of opportunity, a better life for their family, or freedom from oppression and discrimination. That was true in our nation’s infancy and it is true today. Had my grandparents remained in Europe in the early 1900s, it is unlikely that our family would have survived World War II. Had we, it is doubtful that we would have had enjoyed the same opportunities that the United States has afforded us.

All of us have much to thank our Founding Fathers for, whether our ancestors were aboard the Mayflower or we arrived on these shores only recently.

Happy Independence Day!