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How can you conserve time when running a tradeshow?

Posted by Staff Report on Dec 18, 2013 5:13:00 AM

When running a tradeshow, there are likely numerous things you want to try to fit into the events, like product demonstrations, networking opportunities and other elements to make your show a hit. However, sometimes you can't squeeze everything in - maybe your event location has strict hours or service demos take too long.

Whatever the reason, time crunches can be very off-putting, especially if you haven't properly planned for them. That being said, those coordinating the tradeshow can come up with spot-on event solutions if they simply plan ahead and consider a number of time-saving tips.
These helpful hints include:
  • Make sure staffers are on the same page - Trade Show News Network suggested that managers consider meeting with booth staffers beforehand to review various elements like how to display the products and how to speak to attendees.
  • Choose the best and fastest display tools - The source recommended that tradeshow leaders pick out exhibit systems that cut setup and tear-down times, so you can make the most of the hours and minutes you have.
  • Draft a list of things to do beforehand - As in almost any other aspect of your professional life, creating a To-Do list before an event can be helpful, whether you're running the tradeshow or are an exhibitor, Legal IT Professionals reported. This way, you know you have everything done and set up, and you won't be running around completing tasks at the last minute. 
  • Scan badges - Trade Show News Network explained that those who run the events might want to obtain lead retrieval technology so badges can be scanned, rather than taking the time to write down contact information or trade business cards.
Following these time-saving tips can help make your tradeshow a hit, while you can walk away with the peace of mind that everything flowed smoothly and you were able to fit in each element that added to its success.

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