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How to Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Trade Show, Part 1

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Sep 24, 2013 8:49:37 AM

Trade shows and industry events can create big breaks for companies and individuals by helping them build the connections necessary to open new markets or capitalize on trends. Of course, after these opportunities present themselves, businesses need to be prepared to further the resultant relationships in a positive manner.

The trade show blog Anythingdisplay.com stated that incorporating a marketing strategy into the overall design of a exhibit is necessary for success. The source noted that developing a good presentation depends on knowing what the event's objective is and how it will be achieved, then putting together a robust plan to take full advantage of this information. The blog stated that the plan should be clear and concise, so here are a few tips that can help businesses develop comprehensive marketing strategies for their trade show presentations.

Define the objective

Businesses attend trade shows for a variety of reasons. Some events can be used to strengthen relationships with suppliers and other critical partners, while others may be used to find new talent. The objective of the show will affect how displays are set up and how presentations should be made. The decisions about who will attend the event and what materials to bring all flow from the main objective, so defining one or two goals that should be accomplished will guide the overall marketing strategy.

Tell a story

Once the objective is determined, exhibitors should examine their displays to make sure they present that message. Tick Tock Social noted that companies should aim to tell a story in their actions. The more selective businesses are in their messaging, the better visitors will remember their brand. Linking displays, marketing collateral and discussions through a cohesive story will also help the company stand out from the other exhibitors.

Be unique

There are a lot of opportunities to connect with customers at trade shows, but there can also be a fair amount of competition. Having a unique angle can attract more visitors to the booth. This could include using bold colors or video to capture attention, or distributing a unique handout that gets people talking. VitalDesign stated that offering items people will actually use is a good way to keep your swag out of the trash.

The more distinctive a company is, the easier it is to raise brand awareness. However, any promotional materials should be consistent with the brand's image.

Offer great service

The messages that companies present at events will not appeal to everyone, so it is important to focus on attendees who do express interest. Converting potential clients into loyal customers requires exhibitors to be friendly, engaging and informative. Be sure that everyone manning a booth has received the training needed to answer questions and bring in new visitors. Moreover, Tick Tock Social suggested that companies strive to make their booths more open and inviting, as standing behind a table or up onstage will discourage casual visitors from stopping and asking questions.

Once a relationship has been established, businesses need a consistent way to convert leads into sales. Part 2 will discuss tips for improving lead retrieval.

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