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How to Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Trade Show, Part 2

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Sep 25, 2013 11:50:33 AM

Getting attendees to your booth is only part of the challenge of creating new leads at trade shows. Exhibitors may see a large amount of traffic, but if they fail to make the appropriate preparations, they could end up wasting time and energy. Unfortunately, many exhibitors struggle to convert connections made during events into sales. This could be because they fail to integrate broad marketing plans for their trade show strategies.

The trade show blog Anythingdisplay.com stated that marketing plans should include ideas for lead retrieval and follow-up tactics after an event is over. The source noted that companies need to plan not only how they will capture the attention of potential customers, but how they will go about converting each contact into a satisfied client.

Have multiple touch points

VitalDesign reported that exhibitors should always aim to capture leads through multiple channels. The more choices for interactions that salespeople are able to offer, the more likely they can develop a meaningful relationship with the audience. Whatever method is used to capture information, it should be simple, direct and reliable. Badge scanners are a perfect solution for determining which attendees visited your booth. These tools use mobile devices to scan visitor badges, allowing organizers to capture names, job titles, email addresses and other essential information.

A good lead retrieval system will let salespeople update their databases to note high-quality leads. If a conversation goes well, exhibitors need to be able to make a note quickly before they forget. Acknowledging the importance of select visitors is another tip that can help with lead capture. If someone is likely to be a good customer, treat them as such. Offering special perks to those who have expressed a lot of interest is a good way to keep your brand at the front of their minds.

Enhance conversations with social media

A memorable presentation can then be reinforced with a custom message through social media. Social sales tools allow companies to guide conversations before, after and even during events. For instance, running a Twitter-based contest during a trade show will not only attract attention and generate excitement, but will also provide a new way to connect with leads. Tick Tock Social stated that social media can help firms tailor their trade show objectives to the audience. Asking for feedback and suggestions months in advance lets firms create relevant marketing content and gauge its success.

Targeting specific audiences with exhibits can increase the quality of each lead, but businesses still need to take the appropriate steps to move potential customers along the sales path. After all, the work does not end once a trade show is over. In the weeks following a trade show, salespeople should be busy making phone calls and holding meetings to learn more about their leads and keep prospects interested in products and services. This is an area where many exhibitors drop the ball, but extending their marketing plans beyond the dates of trade shows will help improve results by reminding them of the long-term objective.


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