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How to Handle a Slow Trade Show

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 16, 2013 7:27:57 AM

While everyone wants their trade shows to be busy environments packed with attendees competing for attention, the reality is that not every show will see high levels of traffic. There will be some events that simply don't draw the same crowds as others. However, this doesn't mean they are a waste of time. There are some things you can do to get value out of even the slowest trade show.

Tip: Make every conversation count

When shows are slow, you have more time to dedicate to each person who stops by your booth. There is no crowd or line vying for your attention, so you can take time to ask questions and develop a deeper connection. Take some time to qualify each lead and determine the best follow-up procedure to keep the conversation going. Exhibitor Online noted that having fewer potential customers makes it essential that lead capture strategies be executed properly. This can make the difference between a successful show and a waste of time.

While you are having a conversation with attendees, be sure to carefully listen to what they are saying. Slow shows are an excellent time to conduct audience research. Before each event, you should take the time to develop research questions in case opportunities arise. This will keep you from having to scramble at the last minute to think of good questions that reveal what your audience really wants.

Tip: Use the time to conduct market research

Even if there are few potential customers, it is still possible to conduct market research. Taking the time to meet with other industry experts could help you identify various trends within the industry. Speaking with people who share a different point of view or who operate out of a unique niche within the industry could help you improve your understanding of current market conditions. Exhibitor Online stated that this was also a good time to compare your services to competitors'. Watch their demonstrations or take marketing material to learn more about how they are positioning their products.

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