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How to Make a Memorable Sales Pitch

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Nov 7, 2013 10:00:15 AM

Most of the people attending industry conferences are looking for something new and exciting that will benefit their companies, but that doesn't always mean they are ready to buy. Your job as an exhibitor is to get these potential leads to move past their doubt and want to learn more about your products or services. The key to this is making an effective sales pitch. Almost everyone knows that you need to be able to provide a quick synopsis of what your company does, but there are other tricks to making sure customers remember your brand.

Keep your emotions in check
During a trade show, it is easy for emotions to build. There is often a lot of noise and excitement in the air, so you may start to feel rushed. You need to be careful not to inject too much energy into a conversation, and instead find a balance between being upbeat and coming across as frantic. Taking regular breaks can help you manage your emotions so that you present a consistent professional image to potential leads.

Ask qualifying questions
Effective lead capture is about more than just scanning the badge of every visitor to your booth. Trade shows are a good chance to learn some more information about your target audience, and asking some qualifying questions will help you determine who is the best candidate for a follow-up, which boosts return on investment. Moreover, these questions can be used to refine your knowledge of your customers. Business 2 Community stated that taking time to identify customer goals will help companies refine their marketing approaches. Having a better understanding of what clients need could lead to product innovation and open new doors for your firm.

Show, don't tell
Industry conferences are the perfect locations to provide audiences with live demonstrations of how well your products work. Visual aids can improve any sales pitch, making it more informative and memorable, and Main Street Analyst suggested that exhibitors give people a chance to try products firsthand. Letting people try out new models lets them see how these improve on old designs, which could encourage them to place an order. Trade shows are also a good opportunity to give interested parties a chance to sign up for free trials, which gets customers using your products and can be an effective way to keep them engaged with your sales staff.

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