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How to Use QR Codes After You Exhibit at a Tradeshow

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Oct 15, 2012 11:19:46 AM

We all know the value of using QR codes during your events. For exhibitors and show managers alike, it boosts engagement, it cuts down on printing costs, it facilitates surveys, ticketing and information exchange.

Wondering how to use QR codes after your event?

QR codes can continue to deliver after your event. If the business cards you've accumulated bear a QR code, it makes the job of entering contact information into your address book much easier.

As a show organizer, if you mail letters or literature to attendees post-show, you can enhance their value by inclusion of a QR code that connects to video: testimonials from attendees reinforcing the benefits of attending the event or a video thank-you.

Post show, exhibitors should always include a call to action QR Code on their mailers. Offer a free whitepaper, coupon, free trial or sample. Use QR codes to increase your social network on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Show management can offer a registration form for a forthcoming event or a discount coupon for such an event or for a discount for a product or service offered at the event.


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