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iLeads Lead Retrieval App New Video Tutorials

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Jun 30, 2010 2:13:11 PM

These new video tutorials highlight this revolutionary, easy and fun new lead retrieval system.
Unlike traditional lead retrieval equipment that uses barcode technology, iLeads runs on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This breakthrough to existing lead retrieval systems makes it easy to add notes, surveys, photos and qualifiers to leads collected at trade shows, making the leads more valuable for sales.

Bartizan debuted iLeads to trade show exhibitors with resounding success at the 5th International Cloud Expo in NYC. An unprecedented 90 percent of Cloud Expo's exhibitors utilized the app to collect their leads. Typical lead retrieval system use is low, hovering around 30 percent. This significant boost in exhibitor adoption to 90 percent illustrates the excitement and interest from show organizers and exhibitors for the latest and very best in lead retrieval.

With the introduction of iLeads, all event participants will experience substantially lower operating costs – no shipping, no on-site techs, no training, and equipment maintenance costs are eliminated. iLeads does not require a bar-coded badge, saving time and money and eliminating common barcode complications.

iLeads was created with consideration for the future and resource efficiency. No shipping means no fuel, but that is just the start of iLeads' greening of lead retrieval. Neither the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad require external power. All collected information is available on the Web. There is no need to print it on paper. No technical staff is required to be on hand Linkto distribute and collect equipment and to train exhibitors. This translates into a reduction in fuel used to move people around and less paperwork generated.

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