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iLeads Tradeshow App Mentioned by Cobin Ball in 4Hoteliers News

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Feb 8, 2011 2:43:36 PM

iLeads, the original smartphone-based lead retrieval was highlighted by Corbin Ball, a tradeshow technology expert in this weeks issue of 4Hoteliers News.

Click here for info on the tradeshow lead capture app, iLeads.

Mr. Ball says:

One good contact at a meeting or tradeshow can be worth the price of the entire meeting. The traditional bar-code reader employed at most large tradeshow needs to be replaced with simpler solutions. One step forward is Bartizan’s iLeads. Instead of standing in line wait to pick up and return bar-code equipment, the exhibitors simply download the iPad app, and then they can enter a badge number on their iPad or iPhone. This will pull the contact information from the registration database. It then contains customizable qualification questions, survey questions and actions items.

The larger iPad interface makes it easier and quicker to view the options instead of scrolling through iPhone screens. Both formats, however, have the advantage of portability. The bar-code scanner is booth-bound; these mobile alternatives can be used at receptions, coffee breaks, or anywhere at the event.

Lead tracking can also be tied into exhibit demos mentioned above. When attendees identify themselves via badge numbers or scans, topics based on their profile can be presented and/or specific interest areas chosen can be tracked.

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