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Improve Results of Your Tradeshow Participation

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Sep 11, 2013 1:41:42 PM

If done correctly, trade shows can be a focal point of a successful sales campaign. Businesses are able to gain exposure to a wide audience, and the setting can make it easy to develop relationships and nurture new leads. However, getting good tradeshow results is tough for many organizations. To help, here are some tips to make exhibiting a success:

Prepare correctly

Failure to adequately prepare for a tradeshow could contribute to a lack of sales leads. Several months before an event, companies need to begin thinking about their booth and how they want their brands displayed. This gives them plenty of time to get banners, signs, swag and other items prepared.

Some thought should also be given to who will be present at the show. Genetic Engineering and Biology News stated that exhibitors need to be able to answer any questions that may arise, so firms should consider conducting training on any new products, services or special offers that may be showcased. Failing to properly prepare could result in a low number of visitors or a lack of new leads.

Make your booth interactive

More organizations are working to incorporate video, social media and other interactive programs into tradeshow booths. In particular, these marketing channels have been effective at creating buzz about specific events. Promoting industry trade group visits to followers is a good way to entice repeat business and enlarge crowds. The strategy also generates excitement around displays that can attract new customers. Meanwhile, social media conversations can start a few days before the event and continue for a week after, to maximize exposure.

Including technology at your booth is a simple way to keep visitors there longer. This increases the number of opportunities to establish a rapport with potential customers. The Huffington Post noted that technology firms are great at this tactic, often including the latest gadget or prototypes at their booths. The source stated that offering consumers a chance to use products is a good way to capture essential feedback.

Don't overwhelm visitors

There are a number of ways that companies can use tradeshows to connect with buyers, but organizations should be careful about overwhelming visitors. Displays should strike a balance between capturing attention and presenting information in digestible formats. Genetic Engineering and Biology News reported that small bits of information can go a long way, so presenters should focus on one or two topics that they want the audience to remember and repeat these in several different ways. This improves recall and entices leads to schedule follow-ups to learn more.

Track visitors with iLeads

Getting a lot of visitors to booths is important, but companies also need to turn those interactions into sales. A mobile badge scanner like iLeads can track who viewed displays and provide essential contact information to improve the follow-up process. The technology makes it easier to continue conversations through social media or email with the hope of establishing long-term relationships.

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