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Modern Tradeshow Intelligence

iPod touch...now an even better trade show tool

Posted by Lew Hoff on Oct 12, 2010 9:10:04 AM

You would love to have an iPhone, but you are not a fan of AT&T; Wireless? Consider the new iPod touch. It has a speaker and mic, it can take photos and videos. It is even more compact than the iPhone. And now, for just 10 bucks a month (no contract required), you can make calls without charge whenever you have access to Wi-Fi. The Line2 app from Toktumi provides unlimited calling and texting using VOIP. When no Wi-Fi signal is present, the app automatically switches your call to cellular. Overseas calls to any number are billed at 2 cents a minute.

If you are an exhibitor and do not have an iPhone, the iPod touch is a terrific alternative for lead retrieval and a lot more.