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Keeping the Right Attitude to Boost Sales at a Trade Show

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 18, 2013 10:42:43 AM

Most top salespeople will tell you that attitude is everything when it comes to selling. Being positive and upbeat generates energy that a potential customer will feel and appreciate. This makes it much easier to move prospects along the sales path toward a transaction. Whether you are selling over the phone or at a trade show, you should always take steps to get into the right mindset before you start your day.

Tip: Check your baggage at the door

One of the main reason that people fail to have the right attitude during important meetings is that their thoughts linger on their past performance. Selling requires a lot of legwork, a lot of meetings and a lot of failure. Over time, this can get to even the most positive person. These setbacks are why selling often has a negative connotation. To achieve success, you must forget about these past experiences and focus on the goal in front of you, which is closing the next sale. Leaving your baggage behind can make a big difference in your attitude and approach.

Tip: Attitude influences everything you do

Attitude influences more than just face-to-face meetings - it can infuse social media posts or follow-up emails with the right (or wrong) tone as well. This makes it essential o make sure any kind of communication with clients conveys the right message. 

Social Media Today noted that having a passion for your business and your products will help you maintain the right mindset before a big meeting. When preparing for a trade show, it may be a good idea to explore some of your favorite features to remind yourself exactly how great your products are. This can seem like a small thing, but adding it to your event checklist can make a big difference in your energy level throughout the day.

Tip: It's not always about you - a good attitude includes good listening

To develop an effective working relationship with distributors, suppliers, industry leaders and others, you need to show them your passion. It is important to be positive, but also realistic. Being aware of challenges will provide you with the opportunity to learn from others, as listening to what they have to say can be very important to building long-term relationships within the field.

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