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Lead Retrieval App Exhibitor Best Practices

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Oct 5, 2012 10:31:32 AM

Are you curious about using lead retrieval on your smartphone? Wondering how it can work? Well, for the most part it works like traditional lead retrieval, the data is tied to the show manager's registration database. iLeads is the first and most widely used exhibitor lead management app, and here's how it works.

Prior to the event the exhibitor pays a license fee to receive a unique access code, which allows them to gain access to their leads online. As soon as exhibitors pay for the event license, they enter the event code, check the event details and tap confirm. They can start collecting and qualifying leads.

Exhibitors enter a registration ID or scan a QR code on a trade show attendee's badge, when available, to digitally capture their info in real time. From here - it’s easy to: add notes, action items and answer survey questions. They tap done and the badge number and attendee name are added to the exhibitors list of qualified leads.

What if iLeads is not offered at my show? What if my show does not offer iLeads, will it still work?

Currently, iLeads will only work if we are selected as the official lead retrieval vendor. We need to receive the attendee database--and if we are not the official vendor, they will not release this information.

iLeads is only offered at events where a show organizer makes it available to exhibitors, it provides an easy event setup through unique access code provided by the event's lead retrieval provider.

Tips to Remember:

  1. Download and activate the iLeads app before going to your show.
  2. A live Internet connection is NOT necessary during the show to use iLeads.
  3. A 24-hour Tech Support Line is available during the show.
  4. If no name appears, that simply indicates a late registrant. Add qualifiers and notes as usual. Contact info will appear later when you sync your device.

Click to attend a live iLeads demo or grab a free trial here.


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