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Lead Retrieval App Vendors - A 2013 Exhibitor Comparison

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Apr 25, 2013 1:13:07 PM

Exhibitors often come to us because Bartizan and our iLeads app, in particular have become synonymous with customer satisfaction, reliability, ease of use,
and industry leadership.

How to Choose a Lead Retrieval Vendor

iLeads was the first and remains the highest rated and most widely used app of its kind. We have found that if iLeads is not being offered at an exhibitor’s event - they've often asked us to get in contact with show management to get iLeads at their next event. We even had to set up an exhibitor request form just for such requests! We answer every exhibitor inquiry - even when they ask us about our competitors. Exhibitors ask us who are some of the other lead retrieval app vendors out there. So we decided to provide a round-up here.

First, if you are looking for registration and a lead retrieval app, here's a list of some of iLeads reseller partners: Cistems, Crowdcomms-Smarter Event Technology, E-Vents Registration, Event Ready, Expo Tracker, LLC (Conv. Sales Assoc), ExpoTrac Registration Services, George Fern Company (Louisville), Global Registration Solutions (Wyndham Jade), KF Events, Lead Retrieval International Marco Associates Inc., MGL Management Inc., QMS Services, Inc., Smart Source Rentals (Rent - A – PC), Spargo & Associates, Technology Resource Corp. Trade Show Leads and the University of Oregon.

Here is a list of some of the companies that have a solid history in the trade show business and also offer lead retrieval apps that in many ways are similar to ours. The descriptions are taken directly from each vendor’s website.

  • X•Press LeadApp - Convention Data Services The X•Press LeadApp is a full-featured app for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets that includes all of the standard features and functionality of traditional lead retrieval devices. Exhibitors can scan or type the badge ID to retrieve complete lead details in real-time. Add notes, answer qualifiers and review all the leads captured at the event right on a smart phone.
  • Experient SWAP® SWAP is a lead capture native application for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and a web-based app for other data-aware smartphones. In the dashboard, view leads generated by the hour, day, by attendee demographic, in aggregate, or by exhibitor, no matter which lead retrieval devices were used.
  • CompuSystems CompuLEAD Smart CompuLEAD Smart is a mobile app for lead retrieval. This app gives your exhibitors a way to capture and qualify leads on and off the show floor using their own smartphone or tablet. After downloading the app, exhibitors are equipped to start taking leads immediately. Leads can be captured by simply entering the registrant's email address. This means they can take leads anywhere, any time – the opening reception, social events or anywhere there are prospective buyers registered for the event.
  • LeadWizard The Lead Wizard is an almost-universal trade show lead retrieval system that exhibitors own. No more renting overpriced, limited scanners at each show. With Lead Wizard, exhibitors save money and add customized qualification to each lead. The Lead Wizard works with so many different trade shows because it has a barcode scanner, magstripe reader, and custom software that is engineered to read the badges at almost all North American shows. There are a few exceptions based on the specific provider of badges contracted by the show.
  • Trakkers SmartMobile tLeads SmartMobile operates alongside Trakkers traditional lead capture hardware using a common barcode. There is never a need for multiple barcodes with Trakkers' technologies! SmartMobile provides exhibitors with a rich user-friendly interface and comes with useful options such as built-in standard qualifiers, easy to input custom qualifiers, and ability to add notes to scanned leads on their smartphones.

So there are 5 companies to consider if you're getting quotes for your events lead retrieval needs, or if you are an exhibitor curious about our competitors lead retrieval apps.

Get a Proposal Today for Your Exhibitor Lead Retrieval App from Bartizan.


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