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Lead Retrieval for Cheaper

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Nov 30, 2012 1:04:16 PM

How Much Does It Cost To Offer Lead Retrieval At My Show? This is number one question we get from event organizers.

If they are asking about iLeads they are often delighted to hear it costs ziltch, zip, nada. Smartphone lead retrieval like iLeads is the first system that represents no out of pocket costs for show managers. All costs are covered by exhibitor fees.

Here's the Breakdown:

Prior to the event the exhibitor pays a license fee to receive a unique access code, which allows them to gain access to their leads online. A few days before the event the exhibitors are e-mailed their event code. To start, exhibitors just enter the event code, check the event details and tap confirm. They can start collecting and qualifying leads.

Costs for Show Managers
Are you a show organizer that has exhibitors at your events? In that case, it costs show organizers nothing to implement iLeads at their shows. All iLeads lead retrieval costs is fully funded by exhibitors. There are no hidden costs or fees. Not only is it free - it can also generate revenue for your show. Bartizan asks that the show organizer hand out the iPod touch's and iPad's to the exhibitors who rent them, in return we offer you a $20 commission for all of the iLeads licenses purchased at the show. The exhibitors are provided with pre-paid shipping envelopes to ship the units back to us.

Costs for Exhibitors
iLeads is cheaper for exhibitors too - about 50 percent cheaper than traditional lead retrieval rentals. Fees for exhibitors, in general are about $195 for the first license and $79 for additional ones. Bartizan gets paid by the fees exhibitors pay. Bartizan handles the marketing, customer service, support and the payment processing for exhibitors. If exhibitors don't own a smartphone or tablet, Bartizan will rent exhibitors an iPod for an additional $100 or an iPad for an additional $200.

Costs for Registration Contractor Reseller?
Our iLeads resellers get a huge price break and set their own prices. Click here to get an instant price list via email

Bartizan can provide high tech, easy to use, hassle free lead retrieval for your show with very little effort from you. All you would need to do is print a number and/or a QR code on your attendee's badges and email your attendee data to us in an excel file. Grab an iLeads quote now.


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