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Make Your Next Trade Show Exhibit a Home Run

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 9, 2013 12:59:40 PM

For many sports fans, October is an exciting time - all the major sports are either starting their seasons or holding their playoffs. The pressure to perform during this time of year is intense for exhibitors as well, but there are some helpful tricks to learn from sports that can make your next trade show a success.

Go big or go home
Professional athletes are asked to give their all in every game, and this can be difficult without the right mindset. As a representative of your company, you need to have a positive and engaging presence. This is much easier if you fully commit to performing at your best in every conversation, demonstration and personal meeting.

Be ready to sub in
Business 2 Community stated that one of the most important parts of a successful trade show is having a well-crafted elevator pitch. These statements tell each person you meet what your product or company can do for them. Prior to any event, be sure to spend some time reviewing goals and relevant information that can make it easier to capture leads. The source noted that two pitches should be developed to use based on the situation. One should explain your business and the other should address your role in the company. This provides more specific information about how you can help new customers.

Be a positive role player
Everyone wants to be a star player, but championships are won by teams and the performance of their role players. Making the effort to do the little things that facilitate transitions to other departments can make a big difference in customer experiences. These can include capturing contact information for a follow-up before handing a highly qualified lead off to a supervisor. The process allows managers to develop deeper conversations without being bogged down by details.

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