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Manufacturing Associations Highlight Career Paths at Industry Events

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Sep 20, 2013 6:23:58 AM

Trade shows are effective ways for companies to generate brand recognition, but they are also effective at promoting entire industries. NJBIZ reported that manufacturing advocates in New Jersey are planning to use two events at state universities to highlight the potential career opportunities within their sector.

The events, which will be held on October 4, will bring employers, advocates and educators together to encourage more students to pursue careers in manufacturing. Trade shows can offer a glimpse into the culture of an industry and help interested workers build networks that will help their careers. The goal of the programs is to raise awareness, so the events could benefit from a supporting digital advertising campaign.

Social media and digital advertising are becoming common components in strategies for driving participation in trade shows. Indeed, B2B Online stated that 56 percent of companies are shifting revenue streams from traditional marketing tactics to digital channels. Social media is particularly effective for encouraging conversations before and after trade shows, and Lynda Thomas, VP of marketing communications at Thermo Fisher Scientific, told the source that companies should use digital channels to generate more organic leads. Digital campaigns can be incorporated with other marketing strategies to create an engaging and seamless experience across multiple platforms. 

"We should not segment trade show activity into a different way of doing our marketing," Thomas advised. "It is all connected, and the most successful marketers will have an integrated approach." 

The young audience being targeted by manufacturing associations at the New Jersey trade shows could respond well to multichannel marketing strategies. Specifically, social media could help manufacturing associations present a positive and cutting-edge image of their industry, as these tools will help increase the relevance and appeal of manufacturing to the audience. Similarly, by keeping the conversation going on digital channels, businesses in all industries will be able to improve the results of their events.

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