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Monthly Intro to iLeads Lead Retrieval Webinars

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Aug 11, 2010 1:48:32 PM

Bartizan Connects is pleased to offer a series of free monthly webinars, a 10 minute lunchtime iLeads Lead Retrieval App demo. The live iLeads demo webinars promise to be brief and interactive with a chance to learn about iLeads directly from Bartizan’s president, Lew Hoff.

The webinars offer a quick view first-hand on how iLeads offers the best price, performance, and the most complete lead retrieval solution to improve tradeshow results. Here are the dates:

  • Overview Demo: iLeads Lead Retrieval App
  • Dates: Wednesdays: Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 20, Nov 17 and Dec 15th
  • Time: 12pm (New York)
  • Presented by: Lew Hoff, Bartizan Lead Retrieval president
  • Cost: Free

Register here: http://tinyurl.com/24r9hp6

At this webinar you’ll learn why iLeads is a new and better way to collect data and exchange information. Bartizan debuted iLeads to trade show exhibitors with resounding success at the 5th International Cloud Expo in NYC. An unprecedented 90 percent of Cloud Expo's exhibitors utilized the app to collect their leads. Typical lead retrieval system use is low, hovering around 30 percent. This significant boost in exhibitor adoption to 90 percent illustrates the excitement and interest from show organizers and exhibitors for the latest and very best in lead retrieval.

With the introduction of iLeads, all event participants will experience substantially lower operating costs – no shipping, no on-site techs, no training, and equipment maintenance costs are eliminated. iLeads does not require a bar-coded badge, saving time and money and eliminating common barcode complications.

The application is available now for free download and test drive at the iTunes store. To download the iLeads iPhone App, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users may go to the Apple App Store within iTunes and search for 'iLeads.' To test and see how easy iLeads is to use: simply launch the app and enter event access code: 1006. Then click on the event and enter test badge number: 8188.

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