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Presenters are Always on at Trade Shows

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 23, 2013 10:32:58 AM

Trade shows are great opportunities for professionals to develop new relationships and stay on top of current industry trends. For exhibitors, it can be extremely important to take some time during an event to visit other booths for ideas or get a feel for the crowd. While these factors can help salespeople make conversions, there are some important things for exhibitors to remember when walking around a trade show.

Forbes reported that some individuals fail to maximize their exposure by not focusing on their brand at all times. Marketing professionals occasionally need to take a break to eat or recharge, but that doesn't mean they stop representing their companies. Exhibitors should hold themselves in a manner that is consistent with their brand. Similarly, if presenters attend panel discussions, they should contribute in a positive way. Asking thoughtful and engaging questions can help a person show his or her own expertise while letting panelists further the conversation. That said, the source recommends avoiding monopolizing presenters' time with long, multi-part questions.

Occasionally, exhibitors may find new opportunities to reach attendees while away from their booths. Some trade show organizers frown on "suitcasing," so be sure to follow their guidelines when it comes to interacting with potential clients. In most cases, it is better to walk the guest back to the booth so he or she can see a full presentation. Still, International Meetings Review noted that professional connections made at trade shows can be vital to future corporate success. In today's business environment, small startups can grow quickly and introduce products or services that change markets. The source recommended taking a few minutes to chat with other presenters who catch your eye. These interactions can form the basis for partnerships and other profitable business relationships.

How exhibitors act during trade shows can make a large impression on potential clients. The right actions can help salespeople develop strong networks capable of generating new leads and loyal customers.

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