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Promote Your Trade Show Effectively with Social Media

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 28, 2013 11:29:53 AM

Social media has become a valuable tool for connecting with consumers, as businesses have found that the channel enables them to strike up engaging and relevant conversations with their target audience. The discussions help companies stay connected with key influencers within their markets as well. This is why social media has become popular among trade show exhibitors. However, the technology has a number of uses that can be valuable to conference managers trying to generate additional traffic for their events as well.

Websites are common resources for businesses to find information about the industry events they want to attend. By building an extensive social media network, you can help potential attendees and exhibitors find your website, which will hopefully prompt them to sign up for your trade show. Of course, not all social media sites are the same, as different networks are designed for different types of interactions. Facebook, while by far the most popular site, is very informal. Using this site extensively may discourage potential exhibitors from taking your event seriously. Business 2 Community stated that LinkedIn provides a more professional image as it is designed to help business people network with others in their fields.

Tip: Target the right audience

Regardless of which platform you choose, you still need to focus your marketing efforts to reach the target audience. In most social media networks, this is accomplished by creating or joining groups. Loose associations of experts offer more precise ways to target industry professionals. The source recommended creating your own group to develop a niche around your event. This gives you an arena to post news, photos and other interesting content for members whom you know are interested.

To grow your network, you need to be active on the web. Regular postings about industry trends and relevant topics can establish you as a knowledgeable resource, and encouraging visitors to share links and post their own information is a way to get discussions flowing. The more active a network is, the more success you will have generating buzz about your trade show.

Tip: Facilitate conversations to get feedback

One of the key advantages of social media is its ability to facilitate conversations. This gives businesses a lot of opportunities to learn about their audience. You should always remain open to suggestions and listen to feedback in order to make your event the best. In the months leading up to your conference, ask members of your social network what they want to see at the event. This can help you form popular discussion panels, seminars and other activities that will drive participation.

Social media is a valuable tool for all businesses. It can also be used effectively to connect with industry leaders and generate excitement for upcoming conferences. As a trade show manager, you can use social media to your advantage, building connections and increasing your understanding of the industry and the various parties involved.

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