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Respecting Privacy in Today's Connected World

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 16, 2013 11:42:44 AM

Today, it seems like everyone is sharing personal information with the rest of the world. Social media has helped break down the barriers of privacy expectations by making it commonplace for people to see photos of themselves plastered onto the Internet when they attend public trade shows. But do you really have the right to publish  those photos in the first place?

You may want to consider privacy issues carefully before sharing event photos, mentioning someone in a tweet, or linking to the person's social media pages. While it may seem that attendees would appreciate the publicity, you may inadvertently upset them by making a brand association they wish to avoid.

Tip: Create a clear policy for the use of social media

Missteps like these can make it extremely difficult to improve lead retrieval following a trade show, as someone who was very interested in your company may suddenly be turned off. The situation can be addressed by creating a policy to guide not only the use of social media, but the respect of customer privacy. Forbes stated that is is increasingly easy for businesses to capture large amounts of data on individuals. Most people are aware of this fact, and some are uncomfortable with it. The source noted that having a strict policy to protect consumer privacy can boost customer satisfaction.

"Twenty years from now it probably will be standard to track all of this data," Terrence Canela, general counsel with the American Institute of Architects, told Meetings and Conventions. "But because a lot of the technology is so new, you need to tread carefully."

Privacy issues impact areas like lead capture directly, as some audiences may be not want their information exposed through the use of badge scanners or other technology. Knowing the audience will help you anticipate problems and take steps to avoid these.

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