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Simple Strategies for Improving Sales Opportunities

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 24, 2013 12:48:03 PM

Major industry events provide attendees with a lot of time to make valuable connections. The demonstrations and discussions that are held at trade shows help people make informed decisions on what equipment to buy or whom to partner with for a crucial endeavor. These meetings can be a turning point for any company, which is why the average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits, according to Trade Show News Network (TSNN).

Over the course of the day, executives will meet with many different prospects, so it is necessary for you to take the steps to further conversations after an event. Don't rely on the attendee having the time to reach out to you.  After all, 46 percent of attendees are C-level executives who don't have a lot of time for prolonged conversations. Use a badge scanner to collect contact information and schedule a time to complete a follow-up conversation, as this lets you control the situation and put your best foot forward.

Tip: Control your sales opportunities by following up on trade show conversations.

Most attendees are looking to see something new at trade shows. According to TSNN, examining new products has been the top reason to attend industry events for 25 years. As an exhibitor, you need to be prepared with a good, memorable sales pitch. These should pique interest and encourage executives to learn more. Follow-up meetings make it possible to go more in-depth with qualified leads, but don't overlook social media as a valuable sales tool.

Tip: Use social media to enhance, not replace follow-ups.

Business 2 Community stated that social media is an excellent way to enhance trade show exhibits, as you may find it is easier to nurture prospects online by addressing questions and directing them to a company blog. That said, these strategies should enhance trade show demonstrations and personal interactions, not replace them. Many businesses make the mistake of shuffling contacts to websites, expecting the sites to do the necessary work to complete sales.

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