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Small Business Tips for Hosting a Trade Show

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Dec 5, 2013 9:52:50 AM

Small businesses may lack the resources of large companies when it comes to promoting their unique products and services, but that does not mean they cannot still grow their brands and connect with industry professionals and prospects on a broad scale. Trade shows are the perfect type of event for small firms to turn leads into sales.

Small Business Trends' Timothy Carter recently explained how small companies can rise to the occasion and host a successful trade show. Organizations should not go into an event and expect results by just showing up. A clear goal must be determined beforehand. Some good objectives can include driving website traffic, creating new leads, educating audiences about new offerings, boosting brand recognition and receiving feedback about products and services.

The look of a small business's trade show booth should not be overlooked. Carter indicated that a colorful and smart design can go a long way to attracting attendees, while audio and video displays can also do the same.

"Build ways to garner attention at the event, as well as stick in attendees' minds afterwards. Part of this is color coordinating your booth artwork with the literature or samples you hand out, so the attendee recognizes your logo and name later on," Carter wrote.

Bring your best to a trade show
Organizations that want to make the best impression at a trade show also should make sure they bring their most professional representatives to the event. Employees who are not inviting to participants are unable to convey the benefits of the company's products and services, causing audiences to fail to open up to the business. The worst outcome of such interactions is that people may not even remember the brand after they leave the booth.

This is a situation that organizations should try to avoid at all costs. Carter emphasized that trade show representatives should be engaging and knowledgeable at the same time.

Small businesses will never possess the spending power of large enterprises, but trade shows are a cost-effective way to not only promote their brands, but connect with prospects and industry professionals on a face-to-face basis. People who can put a face to a particular organization will likely remember that company more easily than seeing their logo for a brief moment on the Internet. 

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