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Staffing Your Trade Show Booth for Success

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 11, 2013 8:17:00 AM

In the months leading up to a trade show, much of the preparation is focused on creating banners, developing marketing information, making travel arrangements and finalizing other details that go into making an effective visual display. These preparations contribute to the success of an event, but there is often one area that exhibitors fail to address correctly - the people staffing the booth.

Sure, there may have been some discussion about it and a handful of individuals have volunteered or been selected, but that doesn't mean that these people are ready to go. There is always information they need to know at the last minute that can make a big difference in how potential leads view your brand.

Tip: Make sure everyone knows what they need to succeed

The marketing blog Benchmark noted that good staffers exhibit certain traits. They are professional in appearance, communicate clearly and have engaging or energetic personalities. They also know the product or services being promoted. You should always be sure that each employee has the appropriate knowledge to be successful in the chaotic trade show environment.

Tip: Clearly define roles and responsibilities

Not everyone selected to work at a trade show will have the same skill set, and you may not want everyone acting in the same capacity.  For instance, a particular person may be very good at capturing attention and bringing people to the booth, so you should capitalize on this skill by having him or her out front. There may be times when a potential lead needs a little more qualifying and should be passed along to senior personnel in attendance. Make sure that everyone is clear on his or her role and how it helps your company accomplish its overall goal for the trade show, Exhibit Craft recommended.

By addressing the objectives of an event and clearly outlining expectations, you can be sure that your staff has the ability to make every trade show a success.

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