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Successful Approach is Everything for Tradeshows

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Nov 20, 2013 5:51:37 AM

Companies looking for a way to breathe some life into their sales should consider thinking outside of the box rather than just relying solely on investing in traditional marketing campaigns. A trade show is a great way for businesses to not only improve sales, but generate interest in their offerings.

The Huffington Post's Rajesh Setty recently highlighted how firms can approach trade shows, using the acronym AIDA - awareness, interest, desire and action - for guidance.

In terms of generating awareness, trade shows allow companies to touch base with prospects. This can be accomplished through an email or phone call asking people whether they are attending the event.

After reaching out to prospects, businesses should invite people to attend sessions regarding industry trends or new product demonstrations to pique their interests, Setty suggested.

Once prospects have shown they are interested in a particular item, businesses should have their product managers and solution architects meet with such parties to highlight the value of certain products and services, thereby cultivating desire, Setty added.

The final step in creating a successful trade show is action. Setty explained that this is when key management team members show they are committed to building a relationship for the prospects and their own organizations, according to Setty.

If companies are struggling to get people to a physical trade show, hosting a virtual one is also an option. Many businesses today are employing such a model, inviting prospects to view videos or chat with online representatives. Sales can make or break any company, making it necessary that organizations pull out all of the stops to remain successful.

Although traditional marketing campaigns still have their place, a trade show is a way for businesses to connect with prospects on a different level.

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