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Take Your Trade Show Exhibit to the Next Level with Social Media

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 11, 2013 1:00:00 PM

More and more companies are going beyond face-to-face interactions during trade shows to integrate social media into their marketing strategies. These tools have helped businesses create communities for potential customers and generate excitement about industry events that has boosted lead capture. However, for many organizations, implementing social media remains a challenge.

One problem that many exhibitors face is a lack of preparation, according to MarketingProfs. Social media is added as an afterthought, which prevents you from taking full advantage of it as a marketing tool. You should always be sure to consider elements of social media for every step of the customer engagement process, as this will help create a more effective multichannel exhibit.

Tip: Success lies in preparation

If you start promoting your participation in a trade show, be prepared to field inquiries. Knowing how questions will be handled can help you start valuable conversations prior to trade shows, which can allow for deeper lead qualification. Part of the preparation process is knowing how content will be provided to followers. Using a blog to further discussion of industry trends is a simple way to maintain the interest of the audience.

Tip: Share engaging, thought-provoking content

Everyone wants their social media campaigns to garner a lot of attention, but it is often the slow and steady tortoise that wins the race. Positioning yourself as a thought leader within your field by sharing ideas and delivering engaging materials can help you earn the respect of clients. Trade Show News Network stated that it is just as important to share content from other sources as it is to offer unique insights, as this helps build credibility among potential leads. 

Tip: Reconnect with existing customers

Social media provides a lot of value in the follow-up process by enabling you to continue conversations that are started at trade shows. If managed properly, these conversations can go on for years, helping to increase repeat purchases. Too many companies focus on generating new leads and forget about social media's ability to help them reconnect with existing customers.

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