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Tech Developers Use Industry Events to Showcase Skills

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Oct 18, 2013 12:51:11 PM

There is no denying that the use of social media and interactive displays is the latest trend within the trade show industry. These tools let exhibitors attract attention and improve demonstrations, and also help attendees build connections with important industry experts.

However, reaping the benefits of all of these advantages depends on having the right infrastructure in place. All of the data being downloaded and Twitter posts being uploaded during an event require an extensive bandwidth capable of facilitating these interactions. The need for additional wireless servers will only increase as more exhibitors find unique ways to incorporate technology into their displays, and keeping these networks running is giving technology companies some unique opportunities to show their stuff. 

IT World Canada noted that developing network providers are using trade shows as a way to showcase vendor products and their own expertise. Teams work to develop networks that will provide the features and support necessary to facilitate not only social media interactions, but technology demonstrations. In many cases, large firms are developing platforms specifically for industry events, furthering the development of new ideas and encouraging innovations. 

Exhibitors can tap into the infrastructure provided by these large network providers to highlight various features of their own software or hardware. This significantly changes the conversation at trade shows, allowing for more in-depth discussions. Business leaders will get a working environment to test software and hardware being developed, while technology firms get a practical demonstration of their compatibility with various network features.

Capitalizing on this trend requires some investment, as networks often need to be customized to the infrastructure being developed. However, the process may be worth the effort, as it provides a simple way for potential customers to see innovative technology in action. The process is moving trade show technology well beyond social media and Twitter.

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