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Technology can boost trade show success in surprising ways

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Sep 18, 2013 8:08:13 AM

Trade shows are a major source of business opportunities for many organizations, leading to new partners, clients, suppliers and more. Firms are increasingly taking advantage of these opportunities: As the most recent Index Report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research demonstrated, the exhibition industry has grown for 12 consecutive quarters, and there are no signs that this trend is poised to end.

However, achieving success at a trade show is far from guaranteed. To make the most of these events, businesses need to engage with attendees in a meaningful manner - an objective which many firms struggle to achieve.

Writing for Trade Show News Network, Lew Hoff, Bartizan's president, recently highlighted two surprising ways that businesses at trade shows can improve their traffic, as well as the quality of their interactions.

Trade show secrets
Hoff advocated two key strategies for utilizing technology, and attendees' technology needs, to generate greater traffic. First, he suggested that businesses attending trade shows strive to become charging stations. Hoff pointed out that virtually everyone at a trade show will have a smartphone, and these devices' batteries drain quickly when users rely on intermittent Wi-Fi. Businesses can take advantage of this situation by establishing power strips at their booths, along with a comfortable area where attendees can wait for their devices to charge. While this is happening, the firm will have an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with visitors.

Similarly, Hoff asserted that businesses should become Wi-Fi hotspots themselves. By using a "My Wi-Fi" (MiFi) device, a booth can become an internet access provider for as many as 10 devices. As with setting up charging stations, this will draw attendees, with whom the business can then speak at length about its products and services.

By fulfilling attendees' practical needs in an intelligent way, organizations can ensure their trade show experience yields the best possible outcomes.

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