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The Event Attendee List vs. Renting Lead Retrieval

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Jul 15, 2013 4:27:25 PM

Who wins in this fight? The event management-provided attendee list or lead retrieval?

Using only the list provided by show management to gather leads is inefficient. After the show, why call the whole list when you can focus on a few key leads that have been filtered through lead qualification/survey questions. The list is not enough.

Why Rent Lead Retrieval?

Here's the top five reasons why you should use lead retrieval:

  1. Avoid decay. Lead retrieval eliminates lead decay. Your office can monitor leads real-time and begin follow-up even before your event ends.
  2. Qualified leads. Leads that contain qualifiers and notes help you quickly identify your best prospects. It’s a snap to add both using lead retrieval.
  3. Work leads more efficiently. Attendees are far more likely to receive the information they want in a timely manner when exhibitors use lead retrieval.
  4. Analytics sort your leads based on your notes and qualifiers. It's easy to discover your team's effectiveness at the event.
  5. Beat the competition. Lead retrieval is considered a marketing best practice, it's a vital tradeshow service that is essential to your success.

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