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Modern Tradeshow Intelligence

Tracking Attendance Helps Organizers Improve Events

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Sep 20, 2013 6:23:39 AM

Event organizers are likely to benefit from the rising popularity of trade shows. Attracting more attendees means that a greater number of businesses will want to exhibit at events. This makes programs more appealing, which can contribute to higher attendance, creating a self-feeding cycle.

Unfortunately, executing a successful trade show is about more than simply having a wide range of exhibitors and sponsors. Visitors are also looking for unique and engaging activities that make the event worth their time. Panel discussions, product demonstrations, networking opportunities and more can help organizers increase the appeal of their events, but it is also important to evaluate the popularity of these activities. Without a good understanding of what elements attendees enjoy, event directors will be unable to offer the exciting and thought-provoking features that guests want.

Business 2 Community stated that advancements in data tracking now allow businesses to determine customer satisfaction in real time. The same principles can be used to improve industry events. Viewing attendees as customers highlights the importance of collecting feedback and monitoring their interest in specific offerings. The source noted several benefits to tracking customer satisfaction, including the ability to identify trends and common problems. The insights gained through this process make it possible for organizers to adjust scheduling, seating areas and more to enhance visitor experiences.

Badge scanners create a database of audience information. As individuals visit seminars, presentations and other scheduled events, coordinators can see their activities in real time. Knowing who is attending lets event directors gauge interest levels, which is vital to improving visitor satisfaction. The data can easily be used to adjust future activities with the goal of growing attendance and turning future trade shows into even bigger successes.

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