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Trade Show Tips: Don't Forget About Mobile Audiences

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Dec 4, 2013 6:57:44 AM

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has made it necessary for organizations to provide mobile applications to enhance the overall experience of such events. Trade Show News Network's Jen Hawkins recently asserted that mobile app integration has evolved from just a perk to a modern necessity. The key to supporting such audiences, however, is communicating with them early.

Hawkins explained that organizations should send emails to attendees before a trade show and ask them to respond to a question accessible through the application. Such inquiries can include where people are staying for the event or which sessions they want to view.

Once at the trade show, organizations need to have staff members at the registration booth to help attendees download the application, Hawkins suggested.

"Include signage that has both compelling benefits, and clear download instructions. Incentivize attendees to download early, by awarding points or badges for an attendee's first check in at the app support table. This sets the stage for high participation," Hawkins wrote.

Mix in some social media
Social media, along with mobility, is receiving plenty of attention when it comes to communication between organizations and audiences. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are immensely popular among consumers and organizations can use each to great results for trade shows.

Facebook is a great platform for companies that want to keep attendees and prospects updated on their trade show dealings and provide as much detail about upcoming events as possible, compared to Twitter, which caps tweets at only 140 characters.

However, Hawkins noted that Twitter is an effective tool for promoting an organization's mobile application because the short messages can highlight the benefits of the firm's mobile app.

"For internal events that may not use a Twitter hashtag, think of where the social networking happens for attendees," Hawkins added. "Maybe it's an internal forum or wiki, or a common bulletin board … be sure to leverage the social spaces in which your target audience interacts."

The relationship between social media and mobile devices will likely only become stronger in the near future. Organizations that want to reach a wide audience and promote upcoming events may not have better options than integrating social networks alongside mobile applications. Doing so may be just what a company needs to turn prospects into loyal customers over the long run. 

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