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Trade Show Work Continues After Booths are Broken Down

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Nov 12, 2013 9:47:27 AM

Every exhibitor knows that there is a lot of work leading up to a trade show appearance. Displays need to be designed, promotional materials created and staff members selected to man the booth. However, it is the work that occurs after a conference that can make the most difference in your return on investment.

Unfortunately, as Trade Show News Network reported, most organizations fail to stay focused on an event after the doors close. As a result, the database of potential leads gathered during a conference often ends up going unused, despite the fact that failure to send follow-up emails reduces the effectiveness of your exhibit and creates problems justifying the expense of a show. The source noted that there were several warning signs that could indicate a lack of focus on broader objectives. If important deadlines pass without decisions on promotions, budgets, exhibit design and other factors, this could indicate that the company will have problems with lead retrieval.

Tip: Conduct a thorough review to identify areas in need of improvement

Fortunately, there are steps to help you improve results. Exhibitor Online stated that taking the time to develop a post-show report forces businesses to examine the various successes and failures associated with a conference. By reviewing goals, you can determine what factors contributed to new leads, media coverage and other positives. With a deeper understanding of how your efforts contributed to your performance, it is easier to make adjustments in the future.

Tip: Improving lead qualification will contribute to more effective follow-ups

One area that should get some extra attention is the follow-up process. Knowing when potential customers want to receive additional information or be contacted by a salesperson will help you design a lead retrieval strategy that keeps conversations moving forward. Taking some time to examine the interactions during shows can provide insight into how to handle communications. Qualifying leads is an important part of the conversion process, so you should always explore more reliable means to identify high-quality leads and share this information with staff members manning the booth.

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