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Trade Shows 101

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Dec 2, 2013 3:29:40 PM

Organizations planning to participate in a trade show for the first time should follow certain tips to make sure their time is well spent during such important events. Trade shows are a great way for businesses to meet industry professionals, connect with prospects and get their brands out there .

BizBash reported that there are plenty of ways organizations can have a successful trade show. Before an event, it is essential that companies keep attendees updated through webinars, emails and their websites.

One of the most important aspects of a trade show is visibility, noted Jeff Lenard, vice president for strategic industry initiatives at the National Association of Convenience Stores.

"We walk the show floor and personally thank every exhibitor and ask for feedback," Lenard said, according to BizBash. "They are there to meet people, and if you don't personally meet them, you are not speaking on their terms."

Some organizations that host trade shows understand the importance of mobility at these events. The news source reported that mobile applications are available to help exhibitors upload product photos and even schedule meetings with those in attendance. Given that many people will be walking around with their smartphones and tablets, not supporting such audiences is a missed opportunity.

Communication between trade show participants and event hosts is a critical aspect of a successful relationship.

"Many an exhibitor has come to us with an idea for a show feature or sponsorship that turns out to be effective and profitable," said AJ Janosko, director of expositions for P.M.M.I., according to BizBash. "Encourage your exhibitors to come talk to you and brainstorm new ways to help them have a great show, and you'll be more likely to have a great show, too."

Use social media to your advantage
Marketing campaigns are an expensive endeavor for any firm, but they don't have to be if organizations choose cost-effective options. Most social media websites are free to use, allowing companies to promote upcoming trade shows without breaking the bank.

For those attending trade shows, businesses can issue status updates on Facebook or send tweets through Twitter to keep everyone updated while they are walking around on the floor. This level of interaction will make it easier for businesses to connect with prospects in a crowd of people.

YouTube is another option that firms can use to give maybe those who could not attend the trade show a look into their products and services. The video-sharing website is immensely popular, with a Growing Social Media report finding that YouTube boasts 1 billion monthly users, behind only Facebook which has 1.1 billion.

Organizations that run successful trade shows will improve their odds of making those necessary industry connections and converting leads into sales. Participating in such events may be intimidating for some companies at first, but the gains earned cannot be overlooked in the long run.

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