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Trade Shows Becoming Part of Modern Marketing

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Dec 14, 2013 4:11:41 AM

As 2013 comes to a close, businesses in need of a marketing overhaul to change their fortunes in 2014 do not have to devote all of their budget toward fancy and expensive campaigns. Trade shows are a great place to showcase new products and services to a large amount of customers and industry professionals in short periods of time. Successful events can do wonders for turning potential leads into continued sales.

On their own, trade shows can open new doors for companies looking to gain that necessary edge over competitors in their respective field. Paired with other marketing strategies, however, such events become even more effective over the long run.

The Globe and Mail's Chris Griffiths indicated that businesses need diverse marketing campaigns if they truly want to experience guaranteed results. Social media, print, website development, direct mail and trade shows can all help companies accomplish this goal.

Regardless of which marketing options a company uses, it is imperative that the business does it well, Griffiths asserted.

"I'd rather see a business do less volume of high quality marketing than a slew of shabby pieces or events that get a lot of exposure, but say little about your commitment to excellence," he wrote. "That means that you need a fantastic logo, website, photography, trade show booth, business card, blog, press release, etc. - not just a low quality piece that gets something out to the audience for the sake of it."

Focus on mobile audiences
The popularity of smartphones and tablets has not only created a booming industry for mobile gadgets, but one centered around applications. Companies, regardless of the marketing tool implemented, must pay close attention to mobile audiences if they want to communicate with customers. Such a necessity especially applies to trade shows.

Organizations that have attended trade shows in the past likely have witnessed a changing of the guard in terms of how audiences are supported at the event. People are using their smartphones and tablets everywhere, accessing timely information quickly, making it necessary that companies have mobile applications in place to support mobile audiences while they are attending the show.

Trade Show News Network's Jen Hawkins recently encouraged organizations to think about how they can encourage attendees to download their mobile application well before the actual event. Businesses can send emails to prospects and ask a question that can be answered through the app.

Hawkins also noted that it is a good idea for firms to have representatives available at the trade show registration area to help people download the application. Businesses can include signs with download instructions at the event to make sure anyone who missed such information at the registration can learn how to access the app.

Marketing campaigns are always in need of a refresh from time to time. The great thing about trade shows is that businesses can show people who their brand is on a face-to-face level, rather than trying to explain it to them through the digital space.

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