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Conferences Can Open New Doors for Passionate Businesses

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Nov 20, 2013 3:32:09 PM

Companies having a difficult time connecting with like-minded firms and prospects should consider other ways of communicating with such parties than email, phone calls and handing out business cards. A trade show is the perfect venue to get to know more about your particular industry and open new doors for future growth opportunities.

Take NatureBox as an example of how attending a trade show can deliver where other methods stall. Writing for Entrepreneur, Gautum Gupta, who co-founded NatureBox with college friend Ken Chen, noted that he lacked the expertise to run a food business. After networking and talking about their ideas with some industry professionals, Gupta and Chen finally made progress by attending a trade show.

"Our big breakthrough came when we attended a food trade show and met a few suppliers who were willing to work with us. Until then, we didn't know how to find manufacturing partners," Gupta wrote.

Gupta concluded that passionate business owners should surround themselves with people who share a similar vision. This will help leaders of companies foster long-term growth and enjoy what they are doing in their particular industry.

NatureBox​'s success is a prime example of how trade shows ar

e unique events that can truly help a new business get off the ground. Once a firm has established itself in its field, it should consider hosting its own trade show to make contact with prospects and build long-lasting relationships with other companies.

Love for Conferences

In the highly competitive corporate landscape, success often not only depends on great products and services, but the support garnered from industry leaders. Trade shows may be the best way for businesses to have a face-to-face interaction with prospects to generate leads - and hopefully more sales and revenue - down the road.

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