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Trade Shows Ideal for Marketing Refresh

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Nov 26, 2013 9:11:07 AM

Over time, companies need to update their marketing techniques or their message is likely to become stagnant, which is a dangerous situation for businesses competing with one another. Rather than focusing on the same old campaigns of the past, organizations can rely on trade shows to connect with prospects in a face-to-face manner. However, success depends largely on appearances.

A recent LifeHealthPro report by Jean Gianfagna noted that trade shows can make or break a business, depending on how well their services perform when in proximity to the competition.

"Even if your booths are far apart, the side-by-side comparison can be unflattering if your technology is outdated or lacks interactive demonstrations. See which exhibits draw the most traffic and bring yours up to snuff," Gianfagna suggested.

Social media has greatly influenced how organizations communicate with prospects and update customers on their items and services. Companies that are not using social networks should start doing so and commit the time and resources to begin having conversations with people, according to Gianfagna.

Facebook and Twitter are fantastic ways for businesses to promote not only their offerings, but tell people about upcoming trade shows. Billions of people access social networks every month and a simple Facebook status or tweet can reach a larger pool of prospects faster than other marketing campaigns. These sites are not only effective at connecting with people, they are free to use.

Organizations that want to expand their horizons, turn prospects into sales and get their brands more recognition should not hesitate to set up a booth at a trade show and use social media. Standing on the sidelines of both options will make it that more difficult for companies to thrive in these areas over the long haul. 

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