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Trade Shows Very Much Still Relevant

Posted by Bartizan Staff Report on Dec 12, 2013 3:31:26 PM

Although some industry professionals have suggested that the importance of trade shows has dwindled in recent years, others have scoffed at this notion. Writing for Drapers, Graeme Moran asserted that such events are still viable for companies and will continue to be relevant in 2014.

Moran wrote that there is not a better way for brands to showcase their offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition.

"You might skip a showroom appointment with a name you've never heard of or ignore emails from a brand you think is not right for you, but trade shows always bring surprises," Moran explained. "Besides the product, the relationship building and networking opportunities at such events are invaluable, and nowhere else are you surrounded by such numbers of like-minded individuals."

Companies, regardless of industry, can experience the benefits of setting up a booth at a trade show. This is where businesses can foster long relationships with both customers and industry professionals who may help improve future products and services. Organizations should also not overlook the fact that in a landscape where marketing campaigns can cost an arm and a leg, the results of a trade show are actually more affordable than some may think.

Business 2 Community's Rob Murphy explained that in terms of time allocation, trade shows deliver in spades. In a short period of time, brands can interact with many customers and prospects without traveling to various locations. Other marketing campaigns may not always provide a clear return on investment, while trade shows result in contacts, leads and sales.

Some customers may be perfectly content receiving company content through digital means. However, Murphy cited a Center for Exhibit Industry Research survey that found nearly two-thirds of trade show attendees prefer face-to-face communication for their purchases.

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