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What Does it Cost to Have Mobile Lead Scanners at My Show?

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Nov 14, 2012 4:24:42 PM

This is often the first question we get about our iLeads mobile app for lead retrieval. Show managers are often surprised to hear that there are no out of pockets cost for them.

High tech lead retrieval your exhibitors will love...at no cost to you. And no minimums, so that means all shows can offer this tool to exhibitors.

Best of all, Bartizan handles the marketing, customer service, support and the payment processing for exhibitors.

Seriously: ziltch, zip, nada. If you are a show organizer that has exhibitors at your events it costs nothing to implement iLeads at your shows. Show organizers set fees for the access code for exhibitor's devices. All iLeads lead retrieval costs is fully funded by exhibitors. There are no hidden costs or fees. Bartizan asks that the show organizer hand out the iPod touch's and iPad's to the exhibitors who rent them, in return we offer you a $20 commission for all of the iLeads licenses purchased at the show. The exhibitors are provided with shipping materials to ship the units back to us.

Costs for Exhibitors
Fees for exhibitors, in general are about $195 for the first license and $79 for additional ones. Bartizan gets paid by the fees exhibitors pay. If exhibitors do not own an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Droid phone, Bartizan will rent exhibitors an iPod touch for an additional $105 or an iPad for an additional $185.

Bartizan can provide lead retrieval for your show with very little effort from you. All you would need to do is print a number and/or a QR code on your attendee's badges and email your attendee data to us in an excel file. Get a proposal now


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