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What Really Goes on at a Vegas Convention

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Mar 14, 2012 2:34:08 PM

Bad conference behavior including boozing it up is described in Joel Stein's article, "What Really Goes On at Conventions in Vegas?" in Bloomberg Businessweek last week - it cracked us up here.

Since we are in the tradeshow business we are familiar with many of his observations.

Here's an excerpt: "People act differently at a convention than they do at home. Way different. “I’ve seen so many bad things happen,” says Chel Pelletier, the event marketing manager for Cassidian, a mobile radio company that has a big booth at the International Wireless Communications Expo, which is actually a convention for public safety technology, an industry that 10 years ago was basically walkie-talkies until Sept. 11. “I think it’s a stupid idea to hook up with someone you’re at a convention with. New Orleans is so bad. I’ve seen a woman leave her purse in a guy’s hotel room, and he returned it at her booth. In front of her boss.”

Trade shows are both fun and exhausting. Enjoy the full article here.