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Why Buying Lead Retrieval Equipment Is Not a Viable Solution

Posted by Chris Eisenberg on Jun 18, 2009 12:44:00 PM

Do you think renting lead retrieval equipment is a waste of money? At Bartizan Connects, I am often asked by exhibitors Buying Lead Retrieval Equipmentif they can purchase lead retrieval equipment from us to use at all their shows, rather than constantly renting lead retrieval equipment for every show they attend as an exhibitor.

Though I can understand their desire to save money, this is not something that an exhibitor can do at this time. There are two reasons.

  1. The first reason is that each show encodes its badges differently. For example, one show may encode the name first, followed by company, address and e-mail. Another show may choose to encode company first, followed by name, phone number and e-mail, and so on. Every show seems to encode their badges slightly differently.For every show that Bartizan does, Bartizan must configure its units to read the specific encoded badge for that show. If an exhibitor were to purchase lead retrieval equipment from us, the exhibitor would need to get sample copies of the encoded badge for that show weeks before the show begins, run a diagnostic on the sample badges (to see how the badge is encoded) and then program the lead retrieval unit to read the sample badges. Even if this were possible, it may not be allowed by the show organizer.
  2. This leads us to reason number two. Show organizers do not want exhibitors to bring their own lead retrieval equipment to a show. In fact, it may be forbidden to do so as per the exhibitor agreement for that show. Even if a show organizer allows it, they will likely charge a fee equal to the fee for the lead retrieval rental for the show. In this case, the unhappy exhibitor will need to pay for both the purchase of the lead retrieval equipment and the "rental fee" to get access to the encoded badges and use their purchased lead retrieval at the show.

So though it may seem like a good idea at first blush, purchasing lead retrieval equipment is not a feasible plan for an exhibitor at this time. In addition, with constantly changing technologies, who knows if the scanner you purchase today will be obsolete tomorrow?


Let me know your thoughts...What would be a good solution to this industry issue?

Chris Eisenberg , Vice President Bartizan Connects

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