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Download: 10 Steps to Facebook Success for Your Meeting or Tradeshow

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Dec 21, 2011 10:17:29 AM

Is your New Year's resolution to get more social with your events? Why Facebook? Because other marketing methods are not working anymore. Think about it. You use caller ID to block unwanted calls, add emails to your spam folder, and hate junk mail too, right? Click Here to Download the Whitepaper

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Free PDF Download: LinkedIn Tips for Tradeshow Managers

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on Sep 28, 2011 1:26:54 PM

Today's webinar, LinkedIn Tips for Tradeshow Industry Marketers was a huge hit. As promised, here are the PDF slides of the webinar. No registration is required.

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Facebook Tips for Event Planners and Show Organizers

Posted by Joanna Stasuk on May 18, 2011 2:31:15 PM

10 Steps to Facebook Success for Your Meeting or Tradeshow

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